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ch pLaura Hatcher SPCM Thursday 8th March 9, 2012 Proposition 4: Distances closer than the threat threshold are perceived as punishing because they produce discomfort. Proxemics is a psychological, social-psychological, and anthropological area of study that addresses the use of space in interpersonal communication, usually in regards to the distance between people in conversation. Personal space is known as the distance we put between others and ourselves; each person has levels of comfort zones. In order to test this theory, I chose a variety of settings and went against the norm by standing very close to people and invading their personal space. One of my settings was waiting at a bus stop I did this two times, I first picked a female and stood very close to her when she tried to move I moved with her and made sure I was within 4 feet of her. Her reaction was one I would have guessed, she did not verbally express her discomfort but make it very clear through her defensive body language. From crossed arms, tight and avoiding eye contact she was frantic and looked constantly for the bus, when the bus came she made a dash to escape the circumstances. I also picked a male also waiting for a bus; I stood 4 feet away of him. His response was slightly different as he just made a joke and tried to step away; when I stepped closer to him he was taken aback but was still very anxious on what was happening. I wanted to compare the reactions of different genders female-to-female and male to female. Running in the gym I also tested proposition 4 and tested the reaction by different races. I ran behind a two males one white and one black, the conclusion I got from these two subjects is that people have different comfort zones for different races. If there is two different races it makes the person significantly uncomfortable and almost cautious what the other person

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