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Alyse Ragauskas Ms. Fitz SPCM 1100 M/W 12:20 7 March 2012 Speech of Appreciation Outline Intro: AGD: The Nike shorts, the oversized t-shirts, leggings, UGG boots, and a Patagonia or Northface jacket. Your first thought “Oh, she must be in a sorority?” Girls within a sorority are often seen as nothing more than a stereotype: rich, upper class girls who only go out and drink without carrying about their grades in school. Thesis: A sorority means more than the t-shirts and the socials; a sorority means a lifetime of sisterhood and helping the community. Preview: Through this speech I will detail you why you should appreciate sororities. Through my own eyes of being in Delta Zeta here at UGA, I will share with you the social aspect, the emotional aspect, and the physical aspect of being in a sorority. Main Point One: Going out on a Thursday night seems to be what people would think of when I say the social aspect of a sorority; however, while encompassed within the social aspect, there are many other great social benefits from being in a sorority. While many people tend to think the letters on the frocket are the all about the socials and parties; however, being in a sorority means something more than going out. Being able to go out on Thursday is a notorious trait that follows along with sororities. Getting dressed up in the weirdest attires and going to different bars downtown. While these are fun, they are not the true meaning of the social connection you develop while being in a sorority. The social network that comes as soon as you enter into a sorority is something that you cannot find the same anywhere else. Find social network from Zeta Pi The idea of alumnae relationship is something that my sorority does its best to uphold and strives for the best for all members. A key example of this from within Delta Zeta is Kaelin Caldwell, she is
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