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What do Brad Pitt and Marylin Monroe have in common? There fame? There scene in fashion? Their backgrounds? Any of those are possible, but one thing is that they both fit the golden ratio. One part of the golden ratio I’m focusing on is beauty in us. Now I’m not a very big fan of maths, but this interested me! An idea that beauty could be summed up by using only mathematics. I’m talking about ‘the perfect face’. I’m going to tell you exactly what it is, the history of it, and who the beautiful people are. So what is this golden ratio thing? Many buildings and artworks have this in them. Another name for it is phi (fee) this mathematical theory created you and it’s not just in you, it’s all around you. It is a universal rule or pattern that keeps on occurring. It is also known as the golden section, the golden mean, and the golden proportion. It’s in all plants and in all animals. For example butterflies, one wing has the exact pattern as the other side in the exact spot to create a symmetrical look. All of this happens because there is something in nature called the golden ratio. But who came up with this? It was a mathematician who was also interested in art, his name was Fibonacci, also known as Leonardo Da Vinci, and he discovered a sequence of numbers called the Fibonacci sequence. If you take two measurements and you do some dividing they have a common mean of 1.62. The use of the golden ratio is recorded back further then 500BC, is it not known who used phi first, and how they had known about it. What we do know is that the ancient Greeks who built the Parthenon temple, and the used the ancient Mexicans who built the sun pyramid at Teotihuacan used the golden ratio. Egyptians used both pi and phi to build the famous pyramids also. It wasn’t discovered as a mathematic reasoning until the 1500’s by Leonardo Da Vinci, who was also the first person to say it

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