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Good afternoon my fellow readers. Today I will answer a question which many of you have been asking for. How does my book ‘RAW’, make an impact on readers. RAW is a young adult fiction novel written by me, Australian author Scott Monk. RAW is a realistic story of a teenager named Brett Dalton who has been sentenced to three months at The Farm for a break and enters charge. Brett learns a lot about himself during his time at The Farm. While there he finds love, he makes some new friends and he also manages to gain some enemies. The idea that I have made present within the book is that the institution can only assist in change; it is the individual who must want to change for that change to occur. I have written this book in a way that makes an impact on the reader by the consequences of the actions Brett takes in the book and many teenagers in…show more content…
One being crime and law and the other being self-respect and sexuality. The first theme crime and law shows right from the prologue it becomes apparent that this is one of the central themes of the book. The criminals described in the novel see the law as the enemy. This is seen many times throughout the novel - even when Brett is robbed he still does not go to the authorities for help. The novel discusses the interaction between the individual and the system. Through Caitlyn's father we are shown the attitudes of many towards criminals - he wants Brett to be entirely separated from society. In contrast, Sam wants the boys under his charge to integrate successfully with society. The second theme self-respect and sexuality is explored through the characters Caitlyn and Rebecca and the different ways in which they interact with Brett. Brett tries to seduce Caitlyn, and it is only when Rebecca does the same to him that he begins to realize that sexuality involves more than just having fun. Through this process he gain self-respect, and respect for

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