Speech On Female Genital Mutilation

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Female Genital Mutilation Imagine it’s your 11th birthday. There are a lot of little things going through your mind! You’re so excited to officially be a pre-teen, you’re hoping your middle school crush will wish you a happy birthday, and you can’t wait to open all your presents! But when you get to what’s supposed to be your birthday party, instead of seeing all your friends, you see the town doctor who’s not holding a gift, but rather a razor blade. Your heart drops, and as you try to run away, your mother grabs your arms, and drags you towards this unwelcome guest, forcing you to sit in front of the doctor. The doctor’s assistants hold you down and pull apart your legs, tying them to your mother’s. The doctor says a prayer, and the next thing you feel is agony, there is only pain. You scream and cry, but your mother tells you to be strong and that this is what all women have done to prove that they’re good girls, worthy of marriage. She tells you that if you don’t do this then no man will want to marry you, and that you’ll be worthless to the family. But still you yell for someone, anyone to stop this seemingly endless pain.…show more content…
After the week is over you start to feel very warm, and where the doctor cut hurts with a new sort of pain. Sometimes you feel cold like someone put ice in your veins, and other times you feel so hot that your body feels like it’s on fire. Your mother does all she can to make you feel comfortable, but the doctors say that there’s nothing that they can do because the “bad spirits” have taken control of you. No one wants to admit it, but you have an infection in the area where the doctor cut. And because no one knows how to help you, you die within a week and a half after your 11th
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