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Good morning Miss Heath & class mates, I am here to talk about the amazing & history changing people such as Banjo Patterson & Paul Jennings. First I will start off by introducing you too Banjo Patterson. Andrew Barton “Banjo” Patterson was a bush poet, ballad writer, journalist & horseman. He was born in Narrambla on the 17th of February 1864. Patterson went to a bush school in Binalong, the nearest township. From about the age of 10 he attended Sydney Grammar School. At the age of 31, Patterson achieved 2 mile stones in Australian writing; he composed his now famous ballad “Waltzing Matilda” which is known as one of Australia’s most famous ballads, & has been argued as even the BEST ballad ever made. After this he then created his first book, “The man from Snowy River” which is also known as one of Australia’s greatest ballads! In 1903 Patterson was appointed editor of the evening news in Sydney, a…show more content…
When Jennings was 6 he moved to Australia by boat. Jennings went to Bentleigh West, a small primary school in Melbourne. After Jennings left school he wanted to be a teacher & went Frankston Teachers College & after studying taught at a number of schools. After that studied at Lincoln Institute & became a speech pathologist & after numeras jobs that involved writing & speech, Jennings became a full time writer in 1989. “Unreal” Jennings first book was published in 1985 then followed by “Unbelieveable” which was the second instalment in the series. Paul Jennings has created too many stories to count, an amazing lifetime he has had, with all his stories & work he has played in teaching, although he was not born Australian, he has made many Australian children smile, I can support that wit the evidence that his books continue to make me smile. Paul Jennings is a true Australia, although many may argue, Jennings is a true blue
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