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People often wonder why they have not gotten what they wanted. People often wonder how some manage to attain their goals. To achieve something great and different you have to do things great and different. Daring to be different is hard; after all everyone wants to be normal, don’t they? But just what is normal supposed to be? Normal is a supposed common sense that is shared among the population, that doesn’t make it good sense. Maybe one day everyone will make their own path, not the well trodden one. Be the person you’re meant to be instead of whom everyone else wants you to be. Picture your goal as you probably have before and see it and hear it and believe it. Now you have to picture the steps to that goal and where you are on it and how well you’re completing the steps. A lion doesn’t sit down and wait for a zebra to come along and kill itself. After all success is defined by Merriam-Webster's Dictionary as an accomplishment of an aim or purpose Even after meeting your goal you’re at a huge to risk to quit growing and just remain stagnant in your learning. This is nothing short of a waste to not expand your mind like throwing away your life. Individuals may spend 20 years to get their education and make the irresponsible action on purpose to not continue to learn. After college or high school generally people think that they're through, that’s it. So they remain at that age not really making an effort to advance forward. At New Years most say they plan to become smarter, wiser, and stronger but it rarely if ever happens does it? Every day is a chance to be who you want to be. Every day is a chance to move past your barriers and inner-demons. Every day is a miracle in itself. Not many realize this and instead die with those hindrances. In fact howtosplitanatom.com says that 80% are generally unhappy with a major aspect of their lives and

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