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Speech-Causes of Environment Destruction and Steps to Conserve the Environment Essay

  • Submitted by: missyew
  • on May 9, 2012
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Below is an essay on "Speech-Causes of Environment Destruction and Steps to Conserve the Environment" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

A very good morning to Encik Mazlan Isnin, the headmaster of SMK Bukit Sinar, Puan Lim Tin Mei, the assistant headteacher, Encik Tilaga Sani, the teacher-in-charge of Pupils’ Affairs, teacher and fellow students.
In conjunction with World Environment Day, I wish to talk about some causes of environment destruction and steps to conserve the environment.
Our environment is in alarming conditions.   Based on the reports, the ozone layer is being eroded over time.   What is the cause for this?   Well, it is mainly due to the irresponsible acions of mankind.   Human being has created air pollution, water pollution, land pollution and even sound pollution.   However, most of them do not concern about these.   Many factories do not fix a filter in the exhaust pipe and let the poisonous gasses expel to the environment.   This is very dangerous as it may harm our respiratory systems.   Besides, the ships expel toxics that contain oil to the sea and kill numerous of living organisms in the sea.
On the other hand, unscrupulous businessmen keep logging before getting permission from the related department in order to reduce costs.   These selfish fools are so cruel enough to level the forest and cause the flora and fauna homeless.   Can you imagine if you are those animals?   Can an animal lives in a village or city instead of forests?   We, including the animals are a part of this Mother Nature.   We have no right to destroy their homes.
Not only that, toxic dumping is another causes of environmental destruction.   Mankind throws away their garbage randomly without taking any appropriate method.   They feel it is enough to keep their house or workplace clean.   Therefore, they do not care about their surroundings.   However, they neglect something that is their future generation who will live in this place too.
We caught up in our hectic lifestyle that we have total disregard for Mother Nature.   Daily activities such as playing computer, watching television, using air conditioner and...

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