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Eh… “Can I Hear You?” Quest Completion Worth 5 Pirate Tokens! Wow! Who knew so much was involved in listening? As we’ve learned in Lucas’ chapter 3, most of us are not very good listeners, even though we have two ears. ( Lucas reports that we listen 50% of our communication day, which means we read, write and speak for the other 50%. Hence, listening is the communication activity in which we most engage. Listening research reveals that 85% of what we know we have learned through listening. Studies also reveal that 75% of the time we are listening we are distracted, preoccupied or forgetful. Now just think about that for a moment and connect the dots of what the research reveals….85% of everything we know, we know through listening. Yet, when we listen, 75% of the time we are either distracted, preoccupied or forgetful. To me…that is amazing! Think of all the information we miss simply by not listening well. Just imagine what could happen, what information we could receive and, hopefully, retain if we could simply improve our listening skills! To see how well you currently listen, please respond to each question in the Listening Self-Evaluation on the next page. ( To Complete “Can I Hear Me” Quest, upload your completed Listening Self-Evaluation Worksheet to the appropriate discussion board. Listening Self-Evaluation Worksheet How often do you indulge in the following 10 bad listening habits? Check yourself carefully on each one. Place a check mark in the column that most accurately describes your frequency for the behavior listed. Then in the far right column, place the appropriate number for the frequency you selected. Tally all of your ten scores to get your total score. |LISTENING |FREQUENCY | |

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