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Benny Agosto began his speech by giving background information about himself. His introduction included that he graduated from the University of Houston, which shows that he can relate with his audience because he has been in their position before. His commitment also shows from this because he's coming back to his former school, giving an informative speech in his field of expertise. He then goes on to say that he studied law and is currently teaching lawyers in areas of practice. This gives him creditability in his topic of "The Power to Persuade" because lawyers are required to be persuasive in their field of work. But he's giving the speech to a communication class, who can also find this information useful when they give their persuasive speech. Agosto structured his speech by beginning with the definition or meaning of persuasion. He follows that with a few examples in ways that persuasion would work, using his suit and his car as a visual aid. His next step was showing how to persuade and concludes his speech by going down the list of his nine communication skills required to be persuasive, giving an example of each skill and how they relate. He structured his speech allowing his audience to easily follow and learn about the subject and then learn about tips on how they can appear more persuasive themselves when they give their speeches. Agosto was well dressed, dressed in a very professional manner, wearing a suit and tie. He maintained eye contact with the classroom for the most part, only looking at his laptop briefly in a few instances. He was animated with his arms and hands, and did not fidget at all. He projected his voice well, his voice was loud and lively and he should have been able to be heard throughout the entire

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