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Secondly, legalizing same-sex marriage converts the traditional meaning of marriage. A decade ago, a marriage was a union between a man and a woman, which is a constant definition. However, same-sex marriage legalization leads marriage is not restricted between a male and a female. As example, in Netherlands, there was a man married two women legally in 2005. It seems ridiculous but if Australia allows same-sex marriage, the similar issue would happen. If we do support legalize same-sex marriage and redefine the meaning of marriage, the traditional form of marriage and family will be changed. In short, marriage must be the relationship between a male and a female and we can’t change it. There are some people argue that homosexual people have right to get married, however, legalize same-sex marriage has nothing do with the civil right. The homosexual people say that they hurt nobody if they get married with each other, therefore, they have rights and freedom to marry. However, the fact is that if the law recognizes gay marriage, the rights of most people would be deprived. After gay marriage was legalized in Massachusetts of America, David Parker was arrested by the police in 2005 because he took his son out of the homosexuality class. This is not a single case in the world. There is no any human rights can deprive others’ rights. Moreover, the homosexual people already have civil right as they born. Even in America, most of the states are not allow same-sex marriage. Obviously that civil right cannot be a reason for legalizing gay marriage. In conclusion, same-sex marriage should be banned in Australia constantly. Gay marriage legalization is not only an individual issue for homosexual, but also an issue that influences the laws and the certain social system. Banning same-sex marriage is protecting children and creating a regular society for the next generations.

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