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Have you ever known about the different cultures such as the Chinese, Aboriginal and Spanish culture? Multicultural day has been a major part of society. I have experienced Multicultural day throughout my time as a youth where a variety of students from different backgrounds come to school wearing traditional clothes representing their culture. On behalf of the MCO it’s a great honour for me to join you all here today to celebrate this extraordinary grand opening of the MCO Multicultural centre. A remarkable aspect of this community is that all of us that are gathered here today vary from many different backgrounds and we understand each other without offending or disrespecting anyone. The MCO Multicultural centre has received over 20 resumes during the rebuilding of the centre and we have 50 people from different cultural backgrounds, so we’ve got a great group of people joining us here today. Australia is a multicultural nation, since 1945 which has created the wonderful society we have today and seven million people have migrated to Australia. How many people have parents that come from different countries? Well I’m one of them. My mother is a Cambodian while my dad is Chinese. This Multicultural centre was built for a particular reason. It’s to bring you all to come in together as a community to share your very own cultural experiences and learn more about others around you. Sometimes, not many cultures get mentioned a lot or even taught throughout education, and one of these cultures is the Amish community. They are known for simple living, plain dress and they’re more oil based. There are other types of cultures that we all have no idea about but taking into account all the different backgrounds, languages and traditions gives the opportunity to you all to learn more about each other in order to have a peaceful co-existence. I want to take this

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