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Becoming a speech pathologist requires more than average amount of schooling. The standard schooling is a bachelor’s degree in classes such as social sciences and communication. As one finds out more specifically where they want to work they can take classes for specifically for that. Sense I would like to be a speech pathologist for younger children I will take classes in k-12 special education also. It is not a requirement for a person to get their masters for speech pathology but, the more schooling and experience one has the more money they will make. The degree needed also depends one where ones place of employment is. Finding a school to acquire a degree in speech pathology is not difficult. Most colleges offer degrees that relate to the speech pathology field. Where one goes to school is determined on what sort of speech therapy they would like to do. Speech therapists can work doing many different things such as in schools, hospitals, even out of their homes. Speech pathologists can work with a variety of different people from young children to someone who got in an accident and needs help regaining their ability to speak. A speech pathologists income depends on years of experience and schooling. As of 2010 the average speech pathologist coming out of school makes $39,640 to $50,860 per year. With one to four years’ experience, the annual average salary range rose to $41,846 to $58,142. Speech pathologists that had five to nine years’ experience made an average of $46,624 to $62,542. With 20 years' experience or more, professionals in the field received average annual salaries of $54,478 to $75,050. Careers in speech pathology are booming. As a result of many baby boomer speech pathologists reaching retirement there is an excessive amount of jobs in this field. There are a few fringe benefits one can gain from being a speech therapist. Speech

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