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Airelle hairston Intro to public speaking Outline Specific Speech Goal: To inform my audience about 3significant event that is important to me. Introduction I. Music is the way of life and most people enjoy music that relates to them, have the songs that I feel some up me and today you’ll learn about them. II. Im sure everyone feels the same way III. Without music it would be hard to express yourself without your own spoken words , because music explains for you Thesis/Central Idea: Link: Three main events that greatly affected my life are, deaths in my family , school obstacles that I encountered on and the college process . Body I. First I would like to talk about how the three deaths in my family greatly affected me and my family. A.From the time I was in elementary to the very end of middle school I had lost two grandmothers and also an aunt who I called my grandmother because of a close relationship. B. losing role models like this at such a young age cause me to grow up a little faster it allowed me to see the bigger picture in my situations. 1. I feel this help mode me into the woman I am today because I’m more free spirited and I don’t take life or anything I have for granted . 2. C. Missing you by biggie smalls is the song I choose for this event because in they speak on how they missed all there lost love ones and when I listen to the song I feel the same way, It sort of gives me a since of comfort . Link: Deaths are things that happen in any family it just takes a strong person to deal and coupe with it. II. Next I want to talk about school obstacles that almost prevented me from being where I am today A. In school testing was the hardest thing for me and still is until this day B. in high school I had trouble with the Ohio graduation test I took it every time it was giving and missed both math

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