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Francesca Higgins Healthcare Career Assignment Introduction to the Health Sciences The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey Speech-Language Pathology The health-related profession that I am aspiring to pursue is Speech-Language Pathology. Speech-Language pathologists specialize in the screening, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of human communication disorders. They work in a variety of professional settings, such as public and private schools, hospitals, universities, nursing homes, other health care facilities, and in private practice. Speech-Language Pathologists also work with people of all ages, from infancy to the elderly. The Scope of Practice in Speech-Language Pathology includes a statement of purpose, a framework for research and clinical practice, qualifications of the speech-language pathologist, professional roles and activities, and practice settings. Since the population of the clients is so diverse, ASHA policy requires that these activities are lead in a manner that takes into consideration the impact of one’s culture and linguistic experience as well as using optimal evidence for practice to ensure the best results for people with communication and/or swallowing disorders. Also, Speech-Language Pathologists are expected to be extremely patient, kind, and willing to handle patients in a charismatic way. Employment Opportunities and Salary There are several job opportunities available for Speech-Language Pathologists. In 2008, SLP’s held about 119.300 jobs and 48% of them were employed in educational services. However, Speech-language pathologists provide services in a wide variety of settings, which may include but are not exclusive to: early intervention settings, health care settings, private practice settings, universities and university clinics, and individuals' homes/ community residences. Speech-language pathologists also

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