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Introduction I. Attention Grab A. Seems we have many religious people here 1. Seems like many Christians, a lot of you guys go to church II. Establish Credibility A. I consider myself somewhat spiritual too 1. However in a way you might not be familiar with III. Tell the Topic A. Today I want to define a system of beliefs for you that may be unfamiliar to you. ***THESIS***--- Today I will define for you the belief system of Buddhism by explaining its founder, background and general tenets. Body I. Three Main Points A. Founder of Buddhism 1. Siddhartha Gautama -King’s son, gave it all up. Underneath a tree starved himself. -Give up materialism 2. Background -One of first belief systems to not discriminate on any basis. -More of a mental construct than a religion. -Could be considered a religion however prefer to call it a belief system. Because: *** “Gautama Buddha explicitly denies that the universe had a start by the act of a creator deity, refuses to endorse any views on creation and states that questions on the origin of the world are worthless. The non-adherence to the notion of an omnipotent creator deity or a prime mover is seen by many as a key distinction between Buddhism and other religions.”- Thera, Nyanaponika Also: -Does not require belief in God/Gods 3. Major tenets -Reincarnation into one of six realms *Three Favorable realms 1) God 2) Demigods 3) Man *Three Unfavorable realms 1) Animals 2) Ghosts 3) Hell ***Karma is measurement of your behavior***(determines your realm) -Om Mani Padme Om Conclusion Hope you have learned about something new today. Buddhism is more a belief system than

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