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Expository Speech Speech is an ultimately important part of social life. Millions of speeches are delivered daily on different occasions and in different circumstances. Some of them change single human life, others change the entire course of human history. Delivering a speech to a big audience might be one of the greatest pleasures, yet it definitely is one of the greatest challenges that many of us have to overcome. How will the audience perceive the speech? Am I confident and intelligent enough to be listened to with respect? Are people interested in the subject of my speech at all? People face these questions when preparing a speech and even more questions while delivering it. Speech Guru is a resource that was designed to facilitate your effort in preparation of the speech as well as to grow your confidence when preparing to deliver the speech to an audience. Understanding how challenging it can be to write a speech, we have compiled an ample speech writing guide that provides basic information on all major types of speeches including essential speech parts, speech outlines and peculiar features to be considered when writing a successful speech. Information on each type of speech is accompanied by several free speech samples that will give you an idea on how the real speech could be structured. Our speech writing guide is complemented by several articles on preparation and delivery techniques that are intended to improve your confidence when delivering a speech to a real audience. Among other resources that can greatly help you in the speech preparation process are our quotes directory that presents memorable quotes by famous and wise people of all times and notorious speeches directory that provides a selection of famous speeches that have changed the history of humankind. Apart from an abundance of information, Speech Guru offers professional speech

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