The Spectre Of Hope

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The Spectre of Hope, is a documentary, that talks about the effects of globalization. Sebastiano Selgado, an economist and a photographer, traveled to 43 countries in 6 years; taking pictures of children, refugees, workers, and many more whose lives have been negatively affected by globalization. The video talks about the dehumanizing effect of globalization, those suffering from globalization, the idea of hope and provokes a need for change. Globalization, according to the video only benefits 1 out of every 5 people in the world, and 4 out of every 5 people suffer form such a system. Globalization can mean many things, for some it means famine, war, and poverty. Here in the western part of the world, we benefit from globalization. We have access to the internet, phones, and other technological items that enhance our standard of living and connects us to the other side of the world. This is a form of technological globalization, which does not involve poorer, undeveloped countries. As a result, we see famine, war, poverty, hunger, and etc. on the news almost on the daily basis. Although we are exposed to the issues that are being faced on the other side of the world, we become immune to it. The frequent, over exposure to all the problems becomes normal for us to see. In this case, technological globalization makes us become careless and absent-minded to others. Globalization can ‘dehumanize’ us. Pictures of children taken by Sebastiano of the Mozambique Show want to make their presence to be known. These children convey a sense of helplessness. When Sebasiano was taking the pictures, the children knew they were looking the world through the lens of the camera, and so they ask, “is there anything lese out there?” The children want the world to know they exist. For those that are suffering, the sky plays an important role in their lives. When people cry
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