Specializing Units At The Irs Essay

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Specializing Units at the IRS HR 587: Managing Organizational Change Table of Contents Introduction Page 3 Executive Summary Page 3 Assessment or Diagnosis Page 3 Analysis of Change Strategy Page 4 Issue Number One Page 4 Issue Number Two Page 5 Outcomes Page 6 Evaluation of the Effort Page 7 Kotter’s Change Model Page 7 Conclusion Page 8 References Page 10 Appendix A Page 11 Appendix B Page 12 Specializing Units at the IRS Introduction As many may know the Internal Revenue Service is a part of the Department of Treasury. The Internal Revenue Service or IRS role is to collect trillions of dollars in tax revenue for individuals and businesses of the United States. There are numerous changes that the IRS will be undertaking in the near future and some of those have already begun taking place. Specifically, the IRS has decided to make major change to new hire orientations and training. Executive Summary The IRS will be conducting new hire orientations and training events directed solely at specialized units. This means that instead of having training in all the areas of Accounts Management or called full scope, each new hire team will be trained on specific topic areas. By being trained and eventually being certified to work in specific subject areas will end up causing a plethora of other issues to arise. These issues will not only impact the employees, but tremendously affect the taxpayers. Assessment or Diagnosis One of the major issues with specializing units is the fact that there was not proper warning of the pending changes. Employees were not properly notified that the Internal Revenue Service would be implementing a change. In keeping with the IRS mission statement of helping taxpayers understand and meet their tax responsibility, the

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