Special Victims Unit

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Special Victims Unit Detectives are special types of police officers whose duty is to detect criminals. They investigate cases in depth when attempting to solve crimes. They seek out all the facts and determine the truth about what truly happened with the crime. Their main task is to get together and organize all the information. Intellectual, psychological and physical are characteristics that detectives should have. They have many different functions that all help them become a better detective. Becoming a better detective they must have many skills. Some skills they need is to retain knowledge, be open minded, use logic when solving cases and to be patient. One special type of detective is one that is not common at every police station. Special victims unit are detectives who investigate sex crimes in the bigger cities. Detectives usually start their careers off as being police officers for roughly 3-4 years (Education Portal 2003). Having no education requirements for becoming a police officer other than receiving a high school diploma or GED, becoming a detective requires a much higher education (2003). Becoming a detective requires a high school diploma/GED, associates and bachelors degree majoring in law enforcement, criminal justice or administration of justice. Majoring in these programs the detective learns about investigations, forensic evidence, the criminal law and report writing (2003). Education is not only the important requirement for becoming an officer and a future detective. One must be 21 years old, a U.S citizen, pass a background check and meet the physical requirements. Meeting all the requirements one must attend a training school and pass a written and physical exam before graduation and officially receiving their title of an officer. After 3-4 years of being an officer one would be eligible for being promoted as a detective. The

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