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Special Issues Essay

  • Submitted by: micmot6438
  • on December 11, 2011
  • Category: Social Issues
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Running head: SPECIAL ISSUES

Special Issues
Michelle Mott
University of Phoenix
Glenda Rhorbach
December 5, 2011

Without information there is no criminal justice system. Technology provides information about defendants as well as criminal incidents involving the defendants.   Technology also provides information on those offenders who are incarcerated or serving a court ordered sentence as well as awaiting trial.   Technology provides information to the court system to process cases and trials. The Information flows can also affect the way the entire system works.   The efficiency of the criminal justice system and the quality of justice dispensed are highly interrelated.   Criminal justice must be able to understand the flow of cases through their system.
Cybercrime has contributed to the crime rate within the past ten years with a rise in online crime involving smuggling, drug trades, money laundering, stalking, child pornography, and extortion.   Electronic crime synthesizes theory and practice to offer readers a framework from which to categorize the types of computer crime, explain the behavior of offenders, and understand the challenges faced by the criminal justice system in dealing with this type of crime (Palgrave, 2008).
Years ago combating international crime was a remote concept but much of that has changed now.   Modern technology has made it possible that technology is growing fast with cell phones, fax machines, e-mails, and airplanes as well.   We are living in a world of globalization and international boundaries are becoming less relevant.   Terrorists are forming more organized crimes than before in which they can operate in one-country and train to carry out attacks from another country.   Criminals can communicate from other countries and organized international communication and networks that may be difficult to locate.   In order for law enforcement to combat the international crime they must form worldwide partnerships with...

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