Speaking Performance in Grammar Class Essay

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CHAPTER I INTRODUCTION A. Background of The Study Among of many abilities and skills that language teachers aim to develop in their students, developing oral fluency is an increasingly important one. The most important objectives of classes focusing on speaking skills is to prepare the students to use the language outside the classroom in real-life situation. Whether, it is in daily conversation, learning process and speaking on the telephone. Language is studied as a tool of communication rather than a system in the learner’s mind. As a consequence, it is not enough for the students to know the grammar of a target language. To speak a language it is necessary to have communicative competence, and know how to use the language appropiately in various contexts. Often, the grammar class starts with the pattern and the students write the sentence as the example. Indeed, lesson design to teach such skill often bear very little resemble to real-life conversation outside the classroom. Getting the students to speak, to use the language they are learning, is a vital part of the grammar class. Only by wide experience language in use can the learners refine their meaning system. This is, producing language in real time fails to incorporate them into spontanously production. And only by refining their meaning system can the students create the need for more precise wordingts and also find reasons to develop their grammar. Based on the above description, it can be considered that by wording a sentence, the students will improve the meaningful of the grammar. Besides, teaching grammar by wording will give the best explanation rather than give the pattern in the beginning. In addition, learning grammar is the most essential part in a language. It is supposed that every language has it is own structure. All of the strucure explore in

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