Speaking in Tongues Essay

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The Singular Identity In Multiple Voices Some may think that it is a talent to be able to “speak in tongues” because it allows for the individual to communicate with many types of cultures and personalities. For a person to be able to relate to many different types of people through experience and style of speak is very beneficial indeed. It can help a person to be more admirable with his or her fellow workmates or anyone else that comes in contact with them. although, just as speaking in different tongues can benefit a person it can also have a negative effect on the individuality of the person. As Zadie Smith mentions “How persistent this horror of the middling spot is, this dread of the interim place!” (249) to be mingling in the middle spot between two different voices is to have neither. Eventually one voice will be lost and the other gained to again return the person to one solid identity. Although most frequently this is the result, keeping only one voice is not the only solution to being in the middle of two or more voices. Smith argues that despite it being very rare it is very possible for a person to work many voices harmoniously creating the admirable quality mentioned before. “He seems just the man to demonstrate that between those two voices there exists no contradiction and no equivocation but rather a proper and decent human harmony”(260). In this excerpt Smith makes her point clear for the reader which is that it is very possible for a human to have multiple voices that cooperatively represent the single identity. As for the man that Zadie Smith mentions he is the living proof of this statement which is Barack Obama the president of the United States. “Obama can do young jewish male, black old lady from the south side,....” (250). Smith makes it obvious that Obama is able to communicate with and represent a wide variety of people. Obama has

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