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The Speaking Ability My brother always tells me how difficult speaking and pronunciation for him is. He says that they are the most difficult parts to study about English beside writing. I am in the same line with him; I think most students also have the same problem. I tell him there are many ways to solve that problem. We can improve our speaking ability by listening to English songs, watching English movies, reading English articles and practicing to speak English with friends. The first ways are listening to English songs and watching English movies. Listen to English songs and watch English movies can make us familiar with the pronunciation and vocabulary. By doing those activities, we can hear the native speaker with the correct pronunciation. Besides listen, we also have to memorize the songs by singing those songs alone. We also can enrich our vocabulary to speak by memorizing the songs. For the movies, we can repeat what the actors or actresses have said by pausing for a while. The second way is read English articles. By reading many articles we can enrich our vocabulary. Beside that, we can apply the pronunciation that we have got from some English songs and movies before. So, we have to read it aloud to make sure that our pronunciation is correct. If you ashamed to be heard by other people, you can read in the midnight. The last and the most important way is practicing with friends. We have to do that in every time and every where we can. Because speaking is an ability to speak, so we have to speak to other people using English. By do those activities we can be confident to speak in front of many people. To do that we have to find the friends who want to speak English and can speak English. You should not be afraid to make mistake because we can learn from the mistake. In short, there are three ways to improve speaking

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