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SPEAKING TEMPLATES QUESTION 1: PERSON, PLACE, EVENT OR THING : Description and reasons Timing: 45 sec to speak 5 sec – state topic 10-15 sec – describe what you have stated 20-25 sec – reasons why I chose TEMPLATE: Personally , I would like to say my favourite is ------------------ And there are a couple of reasons to name . The most important one is that ----------------- So, that’s why this is ------------------- QUESTION 2: PERSONAL PREFERENCE - CHOOSE FROM 2 OPTIONS TIMING: 45 Sec to speak 5-10 sec – state the preference 20 sec – reason1 15 sec - reason 2 5 sec – state the preference again TEMPLATE 1 : Well, in my opinion , I would definitely agree with or choose A or B The first reason I wanna say is that -------------------------- The second reason is ---------------------------- So, that’s why I choose A or B for the reasons listed above. TEMPLETE 2: Well, in my opinion, I would definitely agree with or choose A The important reason I give for choosing A is that ------------------------- The important reason I give for not choosing B isthat ----------------------- Beacause of these 2 reasons I prefer A to B. QUESTION 3: University notice + conversation TIMING: 60 Sec to speak 15 sec – summarise the reading passage 5 sec – state the persons opinion 20 sec - reason 1 20 sec – reason 2 TEMPLATE: In the reading material, there is a/an announcement/message/notice/proposal about -----------. The university/ college is going to ------------------- In the listening material, 2 students discus about this announcement/message/ notice/proposal. The man completely agrees/disagrees with the scholl decision/planning/announcement. He/she gives 2 reasons for having that opinion. The first reason she feels is that----------------------- The second reason she feels is that-------------------- QUESTION 4: ACADEMIC CONTENT : READING+LISTENING

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