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Speak the movie, other than the obvious fact that it was about rape, it was about loss of innocence and inability to open up about the incident. Melinda’s friends were Rachel, Nicole, and Ivy the summer before high school began, but an incident at a party ended their friendship. Melinda called the police which resulted in the party being shut down and she hasn’t been liked since, no one associates with her. I believe friendships change in high school because most of the time you come to a realization that some people don’t have the same understanding or mindset as you anymore, you’ve outgrew one another, or and argument cause the outing. Merryweather high school is similar to other high schools because there’s all types of cliques, gossip and drama; like any other high school. It’s different because the abuse and bullying isn’t as apparent as getting mashed potato thrown at you at lunch. Melinda’s relationship with her family is distant because she doesn’t feel like she can open up to anybody. She has a secret place at school that she decorated. It is a little room in the storage room, she retreats there often to get away from her reality. Melinda is able to slightly open up to her art teacher Mr. Freeman; this is because he tries to teach the kids they are free to express how they feel in any way they are capable of. Mr. Freeman is a free spirit that doesn’t want to conform to the serious, stressed, boring lifestyle that other adults have accepted. He allows Melinda to open up and say what she has to say through her artwork. Melinda at first drew a poor excuse for a tree the start of the year and progressed to a sculpture made from turkey bones: a plastic toy tree is surrounded by a cage of bones, which throughout the movie, portrays how she feels trapped. After telling her secret to Rachel she was more open to talk to people, reconnect with her family, and

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