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Establishment of education in the present America has had to face many challenges particularly concerning the equality issues. It is no surprise that in the past this country’s mainstream schools did not support students with disabilities. On top of the challenges that disable people and their families faced with in the school they also faced obstacles outside the classroom in social activities in many cases it could have been as simple as a movement issue but never the less it still stood in their way. Community’s as well as school systems have had to find ways to best support disabled students, these changes came under legislation and modifications to manage the education of the disabled. There are many reason that the education system has failed those with disabilities in regards to special education in this country, especially concerning equal opportunity topics. The reasons that the system was not effective means of an education system for special needs disabled students has a long list of reasons. Finical reason are always at the top of many list and special education for the disabled is no different, there has been a hardship of moneys allowed for services for special education. Logistics has also been proven to be a fork in the road when it comes to special education in some cases it took a lot of effort in order to apply and receive assistance for individuals with special needs.0n top of what individuals with disabilities already face in life such as physical and mental handicaps they also face the attitudes of people in society. These attitudes rather positive or negative have a large impact on the lives of the special needs students in community. In many cases there is a very negative social attitude from peers. Many cases of such rejection is caused by serval cultural difference that exist in many societies.
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