Spay and Neuter Essay

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Sterilizing Dogs to Help with the Overpopulation Issue According to the American Society to Prevent Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), 8-12 million companion animals enter animal shelters nationwide every year and approximately 5-9 million are euthanized. The Shelter takes in dogs who are surrendered by their owners who can’t keep the pet for one reason or another, and pets picked up by animal control. Also, there are about sixty million dogs in households today according to the American Veterinary Medical Association. Today we are facing a major overpopulation of dogs throughout the United States, causing all the shelters to be full and resort to euthanizing unwanted dogs. To help get this issue under control, spaying and neutering dogs should be made mandatory in the Brevard County, Florida before the dog reaches 6 months of age. Many states have already taken some steps toward this law because there is many health benefits to getting dogs fixed and it is good for the economy. But, there will always be ways to get around this law with proper registration, and we will need people to be able to enforce the law. Thirty-four states have laws relating to spaying/neutering dogs before they can be adopted out through shelters or other organizations. Los Angeles, California has the toughest law in existence on spaying/neutering dogs. They require mostly all dogs to be sterilized by the age of 4 months. This law was put into place after according to an article titled “L.A. pets must be spayed or neutered", Los Angeles shelters had to take in fifty thousand cats and dogs last year and approximately fifteen-thousand were euthanized. This cost the city about two million dollars. There are exemptions to this law, for dogs that compete in shows or sporting competitions because they would be considered ineligible if they were fixed. Guide dogs and police dogs do not have to be fixed

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