Spatial and Temporal Variations That Exist in Rotorua, New Zealand

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There are many spatial and temporal variations that exist in Rotorua, particularly between 1908 and 2008. A spatial variation is a change in location, attractions becoming more dispersed in the case. Temporal variations have also occurred in Rotorua. Spatial variation has occurred in Rotorua due to the bid-rent curve. In the 1800s when tourism was restricted in Rotorua, the tourist attractions were very concentrated in the central tourism district. This was because transport was limited and therefore attractions that were far away were not accessed easily, and so not visited. However, after the improvement of transport attractions not so close to the central tourism district were able to be visited. The bid-rent curve represents how land in the central tourism district is expensive, but the further away from the CTD, the cheaper the land is to purchase. When transport was greatly improved, small businesses were able to create their own tourist attractions, further away from the CTD where the land is cheaper. By 2008, the locations of attractions are very dispersed throughout the town, as transport has allowed. Temporal variation has changed the main attractions in Rotorua and the types of tourists visiting. In the 1800s psycho-centric visitors were travelling to Rotorua to look and see the culture and the natural attractions. By 2008 the main stream of tourists visiting Rotorua were mostly allo-centric visitors coming to do things, for example the zorb and the luge. This has changed over time due to the price of travelling being reduced and also the type of attractions available in Rotorua. This is also due to the improvement of technology over time. Overall, spatial variation occurred in Rotorua due to the advancement of technology which allowed more businesses to build attractions outside of the central tourism district. Temporal variation has provided

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