Spatelli Pizzeria Case

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Spatelli Pizzeria Case: Payroll Section Corporate Governance: With us gaining possession of the Spatelli Pizzeria we mean to implement a different ambiance of the work place. Instead of just paying our bills every month we are going to look into and provide ethical and disciplined reasoning in every business decision in order to ensure the best interest of the company. We move to cultivate and establish the integrity of the business environment through honest accountability and fairness to all employees and vendors. Just as we expect each other to follow a Code of Conduct to ensure the compliance of company guidelines and procedures, we expect that of all our employees as well-so that together we can achieve a superior company. If we can show our employees what we want them to do by doing it ourselves, they will be able to open up to those ideas and more. Journal Entries Manuel Journals: For this particular section, we decided to just have the manager keep track of the hours for each employee, either on paper or on an Excel spreadsheet, so that it could be used as a reference when the payroll checks arrive. The benefits of manual journals are that they readily available and great for small companies, or those who use it for verification. The details added to each account are infinite. One can have as many notes and markings as one needs to be reminded to check for certain things or make manual changes before final payroll is sent out. It does not cost anything to implement this for any company; one just needs a computer or a paper and pen. The drawbacks to having such an out dated system (with today’s technology that is) are that it can be time consuming writing in all the data and figuring out the allocations for each employee-as well as all others on the payroll account. The legible-ness of the paper and pen is not always as clear as a computer
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