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Spartan Upbringing The Spartan culture is a lot more interesting to me than other cultures. Their culture revolves around the art of military. The Spartans were one of the most strict and disciplinary governments during their era. Sparta mainly focuses on their military strength virtually at birth. After birth, the mother of the child bathes it in wine to see if the child was strong. If the child survived it was taken to the elders of the tribe by the child’s father. The elders would decide if the parents would raise the child or not. If the baby was flawed or weak, the baby was left to die on the wild slopes of mount Taygetos also known as the place of rejection. It was also a choice for the child to be adopted by the helots. Spartan boys left home for military school at the age of seven and were required to serve in the army until age of thirty. When the Spartans started military training at the age of seven, they would enter the agoge, for the education and training for just about everything from physical training such as hunting and dancing, to emotional, and spiritual training. At the age of seven they would have to go through what was known as the gauntlet. They would have to run around a group of older children, who would lash them continuously with whips, sometimes to death. As they did not have much clothing on, and had no bedding , children would put thistles in their pallet because the prickling feeling made them feel warmer. Spartan education from the ages of seven to thirty pointed out physical toughness, determination in military ranks, and complete obedience to orders. Upon leaving the agoge they would be arranged into groups, where some were sent into the countryside with absolutely nothing and were forced to stay alive on their skills and creativeness. This was called the krypteia, believed to be an initiation to find and kill helots who

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