Spartan Military Essay

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The Spartan’s were a military oriented society. Spartan’s took great pride in their military training, even at an early age, and their developments in fighting would eventually set a new standard in combat through the ancient world. Spartan boys would first enter military school at age 7. The Spartan boys would train in harsh environments to enforce their ability to handle various weather conditions. The boys also were subject to train in various forms of combat and athleticism including; wrestling, boxing, swimming, discus throwing. The boys would also spend extensive time learning efficiency in short swords as well as javelin throwing. At age 18 Spartan boys were also made to steal their own food, if caught the boys would get punished accordingly. The Spartan’s were forced to steal in an attempt to make the Spartan men more cunning and stealth. When a Spartan man was 20 years old they would be submitted to tests and trials to determine whether they would be allowed into the military. Spartan men, who passed these tests, would then live in the barracks and also were allowed to take a wife, but not live with her. Spartan girls also would enter school at age 7 which was not a military school but was just as harsh and demanding as the boys. The girls would be trained in various things, like the boys, such as; gymnastics, wrestling, various calisthenics. The girls would participate in various competitions alongside their male counterparts. Spartan girls were also taught to read and write, unlike most other women of the ancient world. And the girls were expected to be able to protect themselves. The Spartans had a large amount of respect for Spartan mothers and believed that through healthy women were born strong healthy babies who would later serve the state. This discipline of the young Spartans would prove to be very beneficial to the state. The

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