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Spartan Engineers: What Our Future Relies On Looking to pursue a degree in the engineering field here at Michigan State University? Well Dr. Timothy Hinds, the head of the engineering program, has some great news for new Spartan Engineers! Just recently, Michigan State started a new program that introduces new classes for students entering the engineering field. Hinds’ scholarly article titled, “The Development of a Mechanical Engineering Freshman Program,” explains what the programs’ goals have for incoming freshmen at MSU. These goals include teaching students to use computer applications such as MATLAB/Excel, demonstrate how basic mathematics and science fits into engineering practices, and to help students develop their communication…show more content…
This book explains all of the basic knowledge on what engineers do for a living. It includes examples of teamwork, real life situations, and what it takes to be an engineer. The main purpose of this book is to help students figure out if engineering is the correct field to go into before they spend thousands of dollars for a degree that they may not enjoy. Some key important information that is noted within the first couple of chapters of the book explains what the personality of an engineer is most likely to be like. Most typical engineers mentioned in the book like working in teams of people, solving problems, applying math and science to real-world situations, and helping the community become a safe and efficient place to live. The book provides many real life examples of the variety of tasks done by many different types of engineers. Overall, it proves to be an excellent resource when evaluating what the typical engineer faces from day to…show more content…
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