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Spartacus' revolt, so frightening to the Romans, had now lasted three years19. The City was just as terrified as when Hannibal was raging at its gates20. The Senate was quite displeased with the consuls and ordered them not to intervene anymore. There were three generals in the country able to cope with this situation: Crassus, Lucullus and Pompey. Crassus was a competent soldier, but not much more than that. Lucullus (even though had angered the Senate) was a brilliant strategist and administrator. Yet, Pompey proved no less able in administration and had the qualities of leadership that Lucullus lacked21. In 72 BC Licinius Crassus, a man distinguished among the Romans "for birth and wealth"22 was appointed general over six new legions of…show more content…
At first, Spartacus did not worry too much about this, but when his provisions started running out, he realized how bad the situation was. So, he took a chance and in a snowy, stormy night filled up part of the ditch with earth and boughs of trees, and passed the third part of his army over to the other side25. Spartacus no longer dared to go into battle with his whole army, but harassed the besiegers by frequent sallies here and there. He crucified a Roman prisoner in the space between the two armies to show his own men what fate waited for them if they did not win. Crassus' fear of Spartacus marching directly to Rome disappeared when he saw great many of Spartacus' men desert him. He began to regret asking the Senate to call Lucullus out of Thrace and Pompey out of Spain. Now the general wanted to finish the war before they came, in order to get the honour for all the action himself. But news was already brought that Pompey was close and people began to talk plainly that the honour of this war was reserved to the one who would at once force the enemy to fight and, thus, put an end to this war26. Next, Lucullus had arrived in Brundusium after his victory over

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