Spartacus Essay

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1. Describe Spartacus and Crassus. What are their positive and negative personality traits? What made each man an effective leader? In 73 B.C., Spartacus and Marcus Licinius Crassus were two very important leaders. These two people had certain things, and that is what made them so well-known. To be the effective leader they were, they had specific personality traits. Spartacus was a born slave who became a gladiator. He was somebody who had the courage and knowledge to break away from slavery. He escaped from his owner by making a master plan to leave with the rest of the gladiators. They followed his bravery and determination for months. His determination was not all great though. He knew his untrained army could not be able to beat the best in the world, but he went and tried anyway. Crassus was a man who did not want people to have power. He wanted to kill Spartacus and the slave army before they tried to end slavery. As a general of the Roman Army, which was the strongest army in history at the time, he led the army to conquer the whole Mediterranean lands. He underestimated the slave army because of what they were. He did not order guards to protect camp because he simply thought slaves could do nothing endangering to the Roman Army. They were both indeed great leaders. Not all of their choices were wise, but the choices they made that were great, were the ones that we know them for. 2. Identify three examples of Roman civilization discussed in class and explain how these examples were shown in the film. Civilization was the key to a good city. Putting values on things such as military, government and society all take a major effect in how the city will succeed. Romans lived in a very fertile and hilly land. Being in the center of the Mediterranean, they had perfect weather conditions and a location to live.
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