Sparta and Athens Converge

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Sparta and Athens were two major striving cities in Greece whose geographic luck and ideals decided their development. Their geography was similar to a human brain. The creative Athens were to the right of Greece, while the logical Spartans were on the left. In the 431-404 B.C. Peloponnesian War, they collided into a conquering spree. Sparta and Athens various lifestyles affected the outcome of the war and triumph in later life. In the southern part of the Peloponnese peninsula, land was vast and plain like. Many invading foreigners took advantage of the simple land to conquer Sparta. The Spartans took up a strong need in a military force, and war became a typical lifestyle for them. Men began to train as young as seven years old as they were required to join the army. Only strong belligerent men could serve in their army. Military force became the Spartans lifestyle, as creative inventions and art were unimportant. Named after Goddess of Athena, Athens were quite dynamic people who studied philosophy, science, and art. Due to many natural barriers such as the Parnitha Mountains and Saronic Gulf, they were protected from outside invasions. Instead of having to focus on defending their city, they were able to study art and tactics of the sea. Their mediterranean climate allowed them to prosper an advanced agricultural lifestyle. Being able to support a larger society didn’t urge them to force their people to join the armies. Their lifestyle encouraged jobs of wisdom and learning rather than warlike fighters. Athens became a thriving creative and agricultural city in which allowed them to spread their ideas through trade networks. Spartans and Athens united during the 490-479 B.C. Persian Wars. The Persians continued to invade Greece, however the Spartans and Athens Greek pride converged them into one massive defence. Both speaking the same language and
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