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Spanking A mother went to jail and pleaded guilty of spanking her daughter of misbehaving. She said “I admit that I spanked her fifteen times, but I also tried grounding her, using timeouts and ordering her to do extra chores as forms of discipline (Nov 2002)”.Therefore justice should be made in all states to decreased spanking. Spanking is one of the most widely used forms of punishment (Spock 1998). How does a person know if he or she is a victim of spanking? Do the parents that spank ever think about how this might impact the life of the child in a negative way? At the moment parents spank a baby, society don’t ever think about how it can affect the child. Sadly the past two decades research has increasingly found three year olds had…show more content…
spanking can include an increased on aggressiveness, antisocial behavior and delinquenc It can also cause mental illness. Doctor Phil comments that when that parents model aggressive behavior by spanking, they reinforce the idea physical aggression is the way to get what you want. Spanking can be associated with a poorer relationship between parent and child (2012). Some spanked children can feel justified in beating up on smaller ones. Spanking can cause the infant feel sad, hate themselves and become depressed. It may also cause trauma and violent relationships. Fox News stated that “Legislator from California was proposing a bill to outlaw spanking of kids under the age three (Estrich).” Would parents agree to this law? A parent argued about the law that parents need to hit kids in order to maintain discipline (Estrich). Parents can still maintain discipline without spanking kids. According to the book Child Abuse there has been a 25% increase each year and therefore spanking should be banned (Kazdin). Alan E. Kazdin argues that the United States should consider banning spanking or corporal punishment in the home. Parents who spank their children are breaking child abuse laws. Studies have shown that one-third of parents who start out spanking their children, their disciplinary methods will escalate to those meeting the legal definition of child abuse

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