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Parents use discipline to teach their children the differences between right and wrong. Many parents use the form of discipline of spanking on their children because it was used on them when they were young. But the spanking method is being frowned upon by many people around the world. Many parents have resorted to spanking because they are either at the wits ends or that’s how they think they have to punish. There are many ways of punishing children, time outs taking things away from them, the list goes on. I believe that spanking is not an appropriate way to discipline a child. Disciplining a child by spanking them does not do any good. It can actually do more badly than good. A child can become more defiant, they can smart off more, and they may even develop learning disabilities. Children that are spanked at a young age may begin to think that violence is an acceptable behavior. Spanking can cause more aggressive children; a study has shown that children who were spanked at a young age are four times as likely than those non spanked children to show high aggression. It shows that violence is a problem solver. Studies show that it is also linked to psychological and behavioral development in children to be affected. Children who are exposed to aggression discipline (spanking) show that it develops fear and control, and it can result later in life that the children can develop anxiety, depression. Self-esteem can be affected by how parents discipline a child also. A low self-esteem brought into school may subject the child to bullying. That may lead to suicidal tendencies. A long term effect of spanking would cause children to develop a less close relationship with their parents. Spanking is a way to induce discipline by putting fear into the child not to do that behavior again. It would create a distance between the child and parent. This lack of

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