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The first European country to send explorers to lands that are today part of United States was Spain. The years from 1513 to 1543 was the time the Spanish made their entry into the United States through the dangerous swamps of Florida, across the scorching deserts of Arizona and through the rocky Californian coast with the aim of searching for gold, lands to conquer and people to convert into Christianity. This era of the first exploration was in 1492 when Christopher Columbus crossed the Atlantic Ocean and discovered the no man’s lands now the north and south of America together with the nearby islands. In their search for gold, they brought fatalities like death and destruction to the Americans because they fought any resistance to take over the native’s wealth. Hernando Desoto sailed to America and started trading on slaves. The explorers marched from village to village taking gold, slaves, food and claiming the native’s land for Spain. Christianity is now a common religion in America. This is because the explorers consisted of catholic priests who converted the native people during the expedition. The San Diego bay in California was first established by Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo in his exploration of the Californian coasts. Their expedition influenced the Americans in such a way that the native’s knowledge and their perception to the world and its people was greatly improved. They native Americans stopped in believing in old legends like the seven cities of gold and the fountain of youth. Spanish brought the first cows, sheep, horses and goats to America. The American cowboys we see today adopted the mode of dressing, ranching techniques and the vocabulary from Spanish cowboys. Dances like tango, rumba, mambo, meringue and cha-cha-cha are popular dances in America whose origin is Spain. Despite the evils committed by the Spaniards explorers, they are

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