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Spanish Conquistadors and Middle America Spain's invasion and claim of Middle America had a vast impact on the the land. It completely reworked the fabric of the cultural, economic, and political aspects of the Middle America. Though Spain no longer rules much of Middle America, a permanent mark is left. The Spanish Empire instituted colonies in Middle America and ruled them for hundreds of years. The Monarchy of Spain ruled the land because of Spanish conquistadors who initially staked claim to the land in the name of Spain. This rule of the people of Middle America lasted from 1492 to 1898: over 400 years. Spain's colonial structure was created to introduce the Christian religion to new people and to take advantage of the trade. Spain ruled over what is now Mexico, California, and most of Central America (200-201). A clear cultural impact on Middle America is the main language. Most people in Central America speak Spanish, an obvious reflection of their history. Despite the Spanish influence, all cultures stirred together to from a unique melting pot in some areas.“The cultural fabric of Middle America reflects the collision of Amerindian, Spanish, and other European influences. Indeed, in more remote areas in southeastern Mexico and inner Guatemala, the nucleated indigenous village survived and to this day native languages prevail over Spanish” (201) The Euro-Amerindian mainland ruled by European (Spanish) and “Amerindian influences and also includes mestizo sectors where the two ancestors mixed” (204). Panama was “early focus of Spanish” because of its goods (“interocenic transit and gold deposits). Spanish influences “radiated northwestward throughout central America and into Mexico” (202). Though their goal was to convert natives, the Spanish's main goal remained focused on economic growth. Middle America was a stepping stone toward economic

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