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Spanish Conquest DBQ In the late 1400’s Spanish explorers traveled to the New World in search of three things: God, glory, and gold. The attitudes towards Amerindians were all very different, some felt like they were superior towards them, some felt pity, and some didn’t even know what was going on. The Spaniards went into the New World believing their actions were okay, and that religion justified their poor treatment on the Amerindians. On the other hand, there were some Spaniards who viewed the treatment of the Indians on a first-hand account, and believed that it was inappropriate. Spain tried to cover up what they were doing by lying to the public, making it seem like they were helping the Indians. A proclamation was read to the Indians, in Spanish describing the treatment they would receive, unless they followed the request of the Spaniards (DOC 1). The Spanish thought they were being fair by giving them an option, but the problem was, they read the proclamation in a language the Indians didn’t understand (POV 1). Cortez believed that engaging in a war against the Indians was right, because it was for his religion (DOC 3). To him, he thought God would support him and justify his reasons to treat the Indians poorly (POV 2). Cortez was described as Diaz to be very confident and secure with his actions. This is probably why he didn’t care too much when it came to taking over the New World; he was in it for the riches (DOC 2). Cortez described the city of Mexico “beautiful”. While in Mexico, he destroyed the mosques and idols that the Aztecs worshiped. He cleaned down the places where sacrifices took place and put up Christian images (DOC 4). A former conquistador, who converted into a Catholic Monk, shot down the actions of the Spaniards, because he believed that their actions couldn’t and shouldn’t be justified by their religion (DOC 9). Bartolommeo

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