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With reference to at least one film on this course, analyse the way it addresses the past. Introduction First of all Carmen Story is a lyric opera and tends to be the most important one in the way it addresses the human behaviour. Also my analyses the film of Carlos Saura focusing on relations that the film has with the original opera and the way in which Saura Carlos Saura has been an active observer to all kind of convulsions in Spanish cinema and its socio-political context, his films being born under the attentive gaze of Franco’s authority and censorship; the first phase of his career is dedicated to the theme of individual memories of civil war and we might consider the second part of his works in the light of the state of national identities of Spain throughout the language of the representation of the cultural context, especially in the so called espanoladas. The Andalusian folk and gipsy tradition glorified in the works of nineteenth-century romantic writers and painters and was, exported abroad in the pictorial and cinematic renditions. The classical use of the myth of Spain and folklore is manipulated in Saura’s film of the 1983 Carmen Story through the use of performance. Notice that D’Lugo says that the theme of performance is one of the key point in which the opera of Carlos Saura can be analyse: dancers playing the part of fictional characters who are bound inextricably to fatalistic scenarios individual whose identity as dancers is itself the result of a willed submission to a cluster of artistic and social mythologies; finally, the figure of the Spaniard as performer of a cultural ethos to witch his own identity appears irrevocably bound . Under a level of narrative the representation of Spanishness is encapsulated in the contraction of the tensions between the two main character of the film, but tension in this case

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