Spanish and American War Essay

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Jose Cervantes Period 6 SPANISH AND AMERICAN WAR Although some historians believe that the Spanish and American war was not a turning point in American foreign policy, it is more correct to say that it is a turning point due to the following causes in this time. Before the Spanish and American war the US was neutralizing following the Farewell Address and Monroe Doctrine. These policies helped keep the US safe by not intervening in any foreign countries that are in battle or war also, if intervening with them it’ll put the people in danger not knowing how powerful the other countries could be. America had notice that the USS Maine was exploded mysteriously, the Yellow journalist had blamed Spain for it. Even though no one knew what actually happened the US declared war on Spain. The US declares war on Spain not for the attacks but for the right to neutralize, the war didn’t go so long but did have some other causes to it. America then wanted to annex Cuba but of course they were not able to because of the Teller Amendment so it was promoted self-determination but with the Platt Amendment the US was allowed to intervene in Cuba whenever it was necessary also they were not allowed to make any foreign treaties without US permission. American gets Guam, Philippines, and Puerto Rico from Spain to protect them. The Philippines did not like that at all so because they wanted to be independent so they went to war with America causing the Philippine and American war that lasted from 1899 to 1902 eventually Philippines becomes part of America. After all this that had happen from the Spanish and American war new changes come forward and America gets imperialized with the help of Mckinely with the Open Door Policy which declared the US support on non-

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