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Provost Mid-Term Review Qs Which of the following were characteristics of most early civilizations? a. Cave dwellings and stone tools b. Animal herds and portable houses c. Large standing armies and elected governments d. Urban centers, growing populations, and writing systems
e. Caravan trade, underground cities, and large ships Which of the following occurred as a result of the development of agriculture in societies that were previously hunter-gatherers? a. Conditions for women improved b. Population density increased c. The incidence of disease declined d. Polytheism disappeared e. Degradation of the environment lessened Which of the following criteria best distinguishes the social organization of hunter gathers from the social organization of early urban societies? a. Hunter-gather societies were matriarchal; urban societies were patriarchal b. Hunter-gather societies were family grouped; urban societies were age grouped c. Hunter-gather societies were more egalitarian; urban societies had distinct social classes d. Hunter-gatherer societies tended to have larger populations than did early urban societies. e. Hunter-gather societies tended to rely on written traditions; early urban societies used oral traditions “The outcry and shouts of war broke forth, banners were unfurled, and the big flutes, drums, and conch shells resounded. … Truly the contest was terrible. … Then the warriors performed their acts of magic. Quickly the Quiches were defeated; they ceased to fight and were dispersed, annihilated and dead.” The quotation above challenges previously held assumptions that the classical Maya a. engaged in slash and burn agriculture b. performed ritualistic sacrifices c. did not play a variety of musical instruments d. were a basically pacifistic people e. did not practice magic Which of the following most accurately

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