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Estereotipo Un estereotip es cuando gente pensan algo about alguien sin conociendo la persona o cuando un grupo es juzgaron por que de como miren. 1. Introduction (explains what a stereotype is. Give an example that serve of connection al remainder of the text: some of the stereotypes that we know is that the Mexicans are not very industrious... 2. Choose some of the questions and answer them. 3. Give your opinion : Which it is the best valid way to obtain information on other peoples and cultures? explain. 4. Conclude by giving a summary of what you wrote and your opinion. Of the several regions of the Hispanic world, which is the best acquaintance among the members of the class. as this he can be explained There is an aspect of the countries of the Hispanic world that you are you used to knowing better (for example, the geografia, the history, the popular culture, the high culture)? of where comes this infromacion. It determines the image that you have of the Hispanic world. That way. In their opinion, which is the best way to obtain informacion validates on other peoples and cultures. explain. Many people believe that the American one tipico does not know a lot of - neither does neither have interes in knowing a lot of- on the life and the culture of the countries of speech espanola. is been worth this stereotype. That reasons darian you to convince al American tipico that should learn but on the Hispanic. Itself dic that the Europeans and the latin-american are but qualified to learn leagues extracted that the Americans. Which is the origin of this stereotype. it is been worth or not. they

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