Spaniards Influence On Native Americans

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Kristina Brizuela Mrs. Smith Period: 6 10/23/12 The Spaniard Takeover Spaniards had many impacts on the people of Europe and the Americas. The Spaniards received economic benefits, such as gold, new colonies, and even achieved to receive slavery. Although the Spaniards exploration and settlement influenced Europeans to conquer new land for economic benefits they also had negative impact on the natives when the Spanish took their land, people, and culture. When the Spaniards took the native people what happened was, In 1492 Christopher Columbus sailed to explore Asia. He ended up arriving at Cuba thinking it was Asia. He found a group of people which he named Indians. When he first met them he described them as ignorant (doc.1). It made…show more content…
In 1519, Hernan Cortes discovered the Aztecs in Mexico. When Cortes found out they had gold it triggered them to want more wealth because of the incredible wealth the Aztecs had (doc.3) the Aztecs welcomed the Spaniards and treated them as friends because they were waiting for the return of their god. The Aztecs thought the Spaniards were their god. Until finally, Cortes took Montezuma hostage. The Aztecs lost respect for the Spaniards (doc. 3). The Spaniards took all their gold and then the Aztecs charged into battle. Which lead to some Spaniards being sacrificed (doc.5). Because of that, the Spaniards took over their land and made them suffer and starve to death. The Spaniards “ensured the destruction of the native culture” (doc.2). They forced the natives to learn their religion and follow their beliefs. That’s when the Laws of Burgos were made and had to be followed. The natives were forced to find gold for the Spaniards. The Spaniards intention was to help them learn their culture. The Spaniards wanted them to learn their language and to live like they did. The reality is that the natives were being stripped of their culture. They were being treated as if how they lived was
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