Spain and the New World Essay

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Spain and the New world Christopher Columbus was a talented navigator from GenoA. He had been asking all over Europe for the ships and men for a voyage across the Atlantic ocean. He wanted to sail for religious Practical purposes. To covert people to Catholicism and to open trade routes. Columbus believed the world had a circumference of only 16,000 miles. He thought he could reach. China or Japan by sailing 3,000 miles across the Atlantic. Many scholars disagreed with Columbus about the earths circumference. Many believed it was 26,000 miles across and that columbus would starve in the massive sea. Columbus proposed his voyage to Portugal, England, France, and finally Spain In the 15th century Spain did not devote much attention to exploration and colonization. Instead they used resources to conquer nearby kingdoms. Once complete in their conquest Spain had men and recourses to spare for Christopher Columbus's voyage. Queen Isabella put him in charge of a fleet of three ships. The Nina, Pinta, and the largest Santa Maria. He set out in August 1492. He landed on San Salvador on October 12. Columbus mistook the area for India and called the natives Indias. When he returned to Spain late 1493 he believed he had discovered a new trade route to India. By the time of Columbus's death in 1500 the Caribbean was filled with thousands of ex-soldiers, minor nobles and and other Spanish settlers. By 1514 most of the native population was dead. Less than a quarter remained. The Spanish quickly took over the majority of south American and part of north america. Spain easily took over most of The new World within 20 years of its discovery. They were very successful in the new world because of three things: They were first, Technology, and disease. Because Spain was the first there, they were able to start to conquer before

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