Space Technology Is Worth the Huge Investment Persuasive Speech

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Space Technology is Worth the Huge Investment Our Earth today is suffering from poverty, refugees, spreading of diseases, population growth, and not enough resources for the ever increasing population. So why spend millions of dollars on space technology instead of the problems facing Earth today? The answer is to solve all those problems! Space technology is the answer to a better future and present. 3, for the last 50 years, the world’s population has multiplied more rapidly than ever before. In 1950 the world had 2.5 billion people, by 2005 the world had 6.5 billion people. Scientific research shows that by 2050 the world could have 9 billion people! In China they have put restrictions on only having one child. What if it gets so over populated we all have restrictions. What if we are only allowed to watch television for one hour a day to preserve electricity? What if we are only allowed to have 2 minute showers to preserve water? With all these people roaming the Earth we are running out of resources vital to our survival. Space has thousands of millions unexplored galaxies that could have the resources that we need to survive. Just imagine a planet full of water or coal Space Technology is the answer to our survival. 2, When NASA travels to space, we always get way more back then we put in and not just in dollars and cents. There have been many arguments towards wasting too much money on space technology when we should be spending it here on Earth. Why? There has been more money spent on creating energy drinks then space exploration. NASA is defiantly not wasting the budget! Going to space has already resulted in mobile phones, personal computers and satellites! Satellites have had a significant impact on our lives already. Using them we have had access to telephone calls and televisions. Later Satellites discovered the ozone hole. Weather prediction is

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