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Courtney Rausch Period 6th May 23rd 2012 Mr. Blair Lit/Comp Chapter 13: Carton asks Lucie to never forget him, to always remember hi as the person that has saved her children and her children’s children. He says this because he know that Madame Defarge is going to come after her and kill her and her children. He also tell her that he would sacrifice himself for her, and he was hoping to go talk to her that night and to know that she is the only person that cares was sad for him to know. It was sad because they have a “mother to son” bond not a “wife to husband” bond. She loved him unconditionally like a mother would do to a child. Sydney Carton doesn’t propose because he knows that she is in love with Charles Darnay and he would never want to tear her away from being happy. He knows that in end he would do anything for her and she knows that he told her everything and all the feelings he has ever felt and the way his life has been. Carton’s attitude toward Lucie differs from Stryver’s and Darnay’s in a couple of ways. Stryver’s feelings for Lucie only existed because she was rich, had a pretty face, and also because Sydney Carton had feelings and actually cared about someone he felt that he had to do way better then Sydney does. Sydney can never be happy. Darnay’s feelings differ from Sydney’s as well because Darnay would be sure that Lucie was protected and make sure that no one will ever come in between them and ever hurt her. Sydney would do anything for Lucie but on the other hand he would not be the kind of person to willingly sacrifice himself for the needs of other people. He could careless about anyone the only person that he ever cared about was Lucie but then he let her go. Lucie is unable to “recall Carton to a better course” because, “the cloud of caring for nothing, which over shadowed him with such a fatal darkness, was very rarely pierced by

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