Space Exploration Benefits

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Zach W. Wilkes Honors English III Mrs. Clemmons 27 November 2012 3nD1ezZxH0r150nzXxX420 – Why we should continue to fund Space Exploration. How many of you remember what happened on February 1st, 2003? Let’s talk about what happened that day. Just after space shuttle Columbia began its journey into space the shuttle’s left wing was damaged by a piece of foam insulation that broke off from the external fuel tank. The resulting damage proved fatal during Columbia’s reentry through the earth’s atmosphere, where friction can produce temperatures of up to 3000 degrees. The damaged area succumbed to this intense heat and tore the shuttle apart over the skies of Texas. Seven astronauts lost their lives that day, and we just about lost our space program. All space shuttle flights were grounded for nearly three years while America wrestled with the decision of whether or not space exploration was worth the risks. Fortunately, the Columbia Accident Investigation Board concluded in its report that American space exploration must continue. They knew how America had benefitted from the space program and how it would continue to benefit. Today, I’m going to try to show you some ways that the space program has benefitted not only individual people, but America as a whole, and maybe you’ll decide that it is time to help promote this amazing program. You may not realize this, but technologies invented by NASA, may have saved the life of someone you loved, and someday, new technologies may save your life. Take for example, a technology called Impedance Cardiography. ICG is used today to treat deadly illnesses like cardiovascular disease and high blood pressure. This technology was invented by NASA during the Apollo missions as a way to monitor the effects of zero gravity on an astronaut’s heart. If you go to NASA’s website, you can read about the technology they

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